Weighing Indication Display


Weighing display system is another product of AINS which is an essential system for any industrial environment where weighing is necessary. We design sensor based weighing machines which are extremely accurate upto 2 or 3 decimals points. Our product has double sided displays to display the weight of the object to both the weighing person and the observer.


Our design is rugged and sturdy to work under heavy object without breakage or damaging. They are capable of measuring a wide range of weights according to customer requirements.

Double sided display screens enables weight check to both weighing person and owner of the weighing object. Displays are seven segmented LED based which provides clean and clear vision.

The system is sensor based that provides very accurate readings with two or three decimal points according to customers requirements. The system comes with an optional battery that charges automatically and switches on as power supply during failure of main power supply.

The whole system is very efficient and low power consuming.


Our product will be found very much useful in grocery stores, vehicle weighing scales, manufacturing industries, production industries etc.