We Manufacture Railway Projects like

Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS)

One of our most prestigious designs is the Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS) which is an effective mode of displaying and announcing information to passengers in a railway station.

Digital Clock with GPS Synchronization (DCGS)

AINS also manufactures GPS synchronized digital clocks that can operate in master slave topology, where the master clock can be monitored by authorized personnel.

Queue Management Systems(QMS)

Queue Management System is a unique specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places where people have to wait in line to get a service.

Public Announcement System(PA)

Public announcement systems are used to address a large crowd of people with the help of a microphone, amplifier and some speakers.

Touch Screens Display

The passengers are enabled to view current status or journey tickets, Check the ticket fare for a journey, Get a detailed time schedule of all trains available from their source station, etc.

Tower Clocks

Our tower clocks are micro controller based to work efficiently to display accurate time. Time and date (optional) format are designed as per customer requirements.

PRS Counter Display

PRS Counter Display system is a unique queue management system designed by AINS for Indian Railway to manage reservation booking queues with the most efficient way possible.