Tower Clocks


Amongst our various products, Tower Clocks are one of our specialities. We manufacture durable GPS synchronized tower clocks that are quality tested for perfection in every aspect for long lasting efficient life. Tower clocks with GPS synchronization are to display accurate timing which can be viewed clearly from almost a kilometer away. Since tower clocks are to be installed at great heights, our product is designed and built to withstand extreme environmental conditions at all times.


Our tower clocks are micro controller based to work efficiently to display accurate time. Time and date (optional) format are designed as per customer requirements.

Our clocks are designed with GPS synchronization to acquire signal input directly from GPS satellites at intervals of every one hour. Hence there is no necessity of manually setting the clock at anytime.

We make sure that our products are to be used to its full efficiency. Seven segment based LED display enables clear and sharp visibility even from long distances day and night.

Our clocks are tested to work in all aspects like climatic and environmental conditions. Our product can withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions and resistant to rain, fog and dust.


Our GPS based Tower clocks are so practical and effective, they can be used in almost any place like towers, building tops etc. We also provided installation and maintenance to ensure complete satisfactions of our customers.