Score Board Displays


AINS cricket scoreboards help keep the crowd informed of the game, display scoring and player information as well as other important match information with brightly lit LED scoreboards. Both indoor and outdoor boards accurately and rapidly report game statistics.

Strong visual electronic scoreboard displays are invaluable in sports stadiums to keep both players and spectators informed.

Data Display works in close cooperation with customers and contractors to provide a range of custom built solutions to every specification including Video Scoreboards. The company has experience in building LED scoreboards for a range of venues from large stadiums and sports arenas to school gymnasiums.

Besides electronic Soccer scoreboards, Data Display offers a full range of other scoreboards for both indoor and outdoor sports such as Tennis Scoreboards, Hockey Scoreboards, Baseball Scoreboards, Rugby Scoreboards, GAA Scoreboards and many others.


Our scoreboard modules are designed not only to display game score but also can be programmed to display graphical displays like national flags, six/four graphical representations or umpire/referee decisions.

High efficiency LEDs are used so that it can be viewed clearly from anywhere in the stadium. Commercial ads for brands can also be displayed in our boards.

Our scoreboards are water resistant and designed to work are a wide temperature range.