Public Announcement System with Digital Voice (PA)


Public announcement systems are used to address a large crowd of people with the help of a microphone, amplifier and some speakers. AINS designs an effective computerized automated public announcement system to address a crowd through digital recorded voices played in a sequence.

Voices can be pre-recorded and announcements can be made either manually or automatically at regular time intervals. Both informative messages and beneficial messages like Please keep your stations clean etc. can be played automatically.


Our PA system is capable of making announcements in different languages one after the other to benefit a wide range of listeners. Volume of the announcements can be amplified and compressed as per area requirements.

Our system design is micro controller based and can be controlled and monitored through a control unit by an authorized person. Intermediate or emergency announcements can be made manually either interrupting the voice message or in between announcements.

Announcement data time, name etc. to be played in between the voice messages can be given manually or taken automatically. Repetition of the announcement can set from the control unit for different types of messages. For example informative announcements can be made more than once whereas beneficial messages can be made just once.

We also make it possible to transmit the information to commercial voice channels or cables through multiplexers.


Our public announcement systems find extensive usage in public transport stations like Railway stations and bus terminus. We also find them useful places where regular public addressing is made like stock exchanges, public parks, malls etc.