Outdoor LED Display


It is a complete system linked to optical sensors on your production line which allows monitoring of production performance both on and off the shop floor.It displays picture or video, Information, Live Tv on Schedule to the display.It also serves as a Schedule Utility used by supervisors to set schedules.


Our system can be programmed to display desired line cycle time (TAKE time) and a countdown of the current cycle, real-time production data and scheduled production total and current time of day.

It allows schedule data to be input from any networked computer and program to intersperse any message of your choice like meeting schedules, motivation messages, Pictures, Videos, Live Tv, etc. at any programmable interval. The system runs on Windows platform.

It provides instant access to real-time production statistics and signs can be utilized wherever line process information is needed for disseminating morale or informational messages.

It helps to display Advertisement of the sponsors and display information of the company or industries to the Outdoor LED Display.