Digital Clock with GPS Synchronization (DCGS)


AINS also manufactures GPS synchronized digital clocks that can operate in master slave topology, where the master clock can be monitored by authorized personnel. As the name explains, digital clocks are GPS synchronized for accurate date and time updates. Every clock is provided with individual GPS receiver antennae and is tested to work at all environmental conditions. Digital clocks are designed to be made use of at different places. We design digital clocks based on their usage namely Master clocks, Platform clocks and Office Complex clocks.


Master Clocks are under the monitoring of authorized person where date and time are updates at regular intervals automatically with input from GPS satellites. A single Master clock is capable of controlling up to 64 slave clocks and can be monitored by a LED status card.


AINS designed railway platform clocks with the specifications of Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO). These clocks are synchronized with GPS technology to enable accurate time display at all time. These clocks act in Master Slave topology where the Master clock is monitored by authorized personnel.

Platform Clocks are often double-sided and are to be mounted on platforms for clear view from both directions of a platform lane. They are made of 13 segment LED displays for optimum date and time information at all times.


Office Complex Clock is to be provided mainly in control offices station master offices, RRI cabin etc.


These clocks are made of 13 segment LED display type with specified viewing angles. The master clock is constantly monitored with the help of a tricolor LED status Card.

The master and slave clocks are connected via serial communication with enables extended networking to long distances. Every individual platform clock is provided with separate GPS antennas and receivers which are micro controller based that ensures regular time updates with the help of internal Real Time Clock (RTC).

Clear visibility of the platform clock is ensured upto a distance of nearly 50 meters. Time format of the clock is set for 24hrs clock usually as per railway requirements and seconds display can be either of blinking LEDs or running seconds LEDs according to station requirements.

Every individual components of the clock are tested and verified to work at wide range of temperature and electrical constraints. They are also designed to work with low power consumption as to work 24/7 non-stop.


Our digital clocks are provided with both internal and external GPS antennas according to area of installation. Clocks can be monitored with the help of a tricolor LED status card by authorized person.

Light intensity of the clocks is automated based on time zone for better vision both at day and night times. Every clock has a standalone GPS receiver and antenna for accurate time.

Every clock is also provided with power monitor circuit to work at fluctuating power supplies without interventions. Hence dim of light intensity or power turn offs are avoided.