Automatic Traffic Regulation System


Automatic Traffic Regulation System is a very essential design in today is traffic conditions. It helps to steady traffic flow at rush hours and eases of traffic sergeants work. It guides the traffic automatically at heavily crowded places like school and college zones, hospital and emergency exit zones, ramp signals, traffic road regulation signals, pedestrian crossings etc. This module is easy to install and easy to maintain.


AINS has designed the system to work at low power consumption with high efficiency. System once programmed can work until forever. If any changes are to be made with the traffic flow, options for setting new directions can be done easily.

Inbuilt timer ensures accurate maintenance of timings for in between every signal change. Sufficient time is given for pedestrian to walk by and warning signals are given before stopping or allowing traffic flow.

High standard LEDs are used in signal lights for clear visibility of the drivers. We also provide options for configuring the brightness of the LEDs. Long lasting life of the system is promised which will work without breakdowns for decades.

Rugged and sturdy body is given to withstand rain, dust and other climatic conditions.