Touch Screens Display


Touch Screen systems are nowadays getting more and more common and are the next level of disseminating information in the new world. We, the staff of AINS, are determined to take everyday technology to the common man in ways easier for him to understand and enjoy its benefits. Our TOUCH SCREEN product is one which was designed in such ways that almost everyone with minimum knowledge about touch screens can use it. The product is mainly designed for providing information to the passengers of the Indian Railways. It provides both visual and audio information to the passenger and guides them to the exact information they are looking for.

The passengers are enabled to view current status or journey tickets

Check the ticket fare for a journey they are about to take

View accommodation facilities available at stations on their way of journey or any particular station

Get a detailed time schedule of all trains available from their source station to the destination station with a particular time period and also

To check all extra facilities available at stations on the go.


We not only focus on the simplicity of our products, but also its quality which is our biggest motto. Our TOUCH SCREEN is efficient, reliable and easy to maintain device which comes with all the following features.

Multiple Language selections are available where the user can start by choosing his preferred language first and continue in the same. Also the user can listen to audio messages in his own language that will guide him through the entire process.

The device is easy to use with no complications with clear and vivid visibility of each and every aspect like buttons, text boxes and message outputs.

Information messages and buttons are given in the user selected languages and are easy to understand with good visibility. Information provided from the device like facilities available and time schedule will also be in user selected language whereas information retrieved from the server will be in English.

All the devices will be directly connected to the railways information server. Hence the devices work with utmost speed and accuracy.

Secret access points are given and are protected with login id and password for maintenance of the devices. It is well made sure that users are clearly hidden these features and only the designated professional can handle and change any feature or the information given in the devices.


This product was designed such that it can function as an efficient information center in a railway station with passenger information. But it can also be designed to work with same efficiency and accuracy at almost every place where information dissemination is important. For example, this can also used at air ports, bus terminus, shopping malls, movie theaters, banks and much more...