PRS Counter Display


PRS Counter Display system is a unique queue management system designed by AINS for Indian Railway to manage reservation booking queues with the most efficient way possible. It makes the interaction between the counter staff and the passenger more appropriate and effective. As the counter staff enters in the information provided by the passenger in his computer, the details are displayed on a LED screen provided for the passenger view. Details like source and destination station, journey date, adult and children head count, class and fare etc will be displayed. The passenger can verify his booking details and have the fare ready or make corrections on his booking. This makes the interaction short and effective thus saving time. This will also help reduce errors in booking process and helps to serve the passengers with great efficiency.


Our system as efficient as it is, the easier to install and operate. The counter staff does not have to do anything extra to operate it. He/she can continue their works while the system collects information and displays automatically.

It requires low maintenance and minimal power consumption.

Very sleek Cabinet 2 inches thick is both rugged and classy.

Highly visible LED enables clean and clear vision to the customers. The brightness can be configured during installation.

Long life of the devices is assured which will work without flaws even for decades.


This system was specially designed considering specifications of Indian Railway but can also be designed as per customer necessities and data. Any form of data can be displayed on the counter screen where a clear interaction is mandatory. This system will find itself most efficient in places like Banks, any booking offices, government offices and much more.